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Adirondack Traditions

Fishing in the Adirondacks

The Rev. "A. L. Byron-Curtiss and a nice catch of Adirondack Brook Trout


Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack Wilderness Days Life with Noah Adirondack French Louie
Noah John Rondeau's Adirondack
Wilderness Days
Life With Noah Adirondack French Louie

Guides, Hunters and Old Men of the Woods:

Left: Old Lobb, the hermit of Piseco Lake, Right: Adirondack French Louie,

Above Left: Burt Conklin "The Greatest Trapper" and Right: E.J. Dailey

Left: Adirondack Guide Slim Murdock and Right Moonshiner Red Jack Conklin
What do they all have in common? Click here to find out

Foraging -- Edible Wild Plants and Mushrooms

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